Schedule for the Week of May 1-5

SPECIALS: (May 1-5)

Monday:  Media/P.E. (Day 2)
Tuesday:   Art/Music (Day 3)
Wednesday:  P.E./Media (Day 4)
Thursday: Music/Art (Day 5)
Friday: No School!!

MEDIA (Library): check out every Day 6/PLEASE return books every Day 5!

Language Arts

Unit 9: Make Connections and Identify Cause and Effect (Week 2)
    • Blend CVC words
    • Spell CVC words using all letters previously learned
  • Sight Words: Review

  • Build academic vocabulary and concepts related to fantasy
  • Determine the cause and effect in a text
  • Retell story events
  • Reflect on cause and effect
  • Build oral language and vocabulary through whole-group and partner discussion
  • Reread stories to build fluency

Language Arts Home Practice Lesson 9.2 (Will come home on Thursday, May 4 in Friday Folders.
  • Have your child read the books from their book bag throughout the week
  • A variety of emerging reader printable books:  Leveled Readers
  • Dream Box and Raz Kids can both be accessed at home
  • Practice sight words throughout the week: write and read them

Writing/Concepts of Print

Informational Reports: Write an Informational Report

  • Use appropriate end punctuation
  • Put spaces between words
  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters correctly
  • Write some CVC words
  • Write high-frequency words
  • Demonstrate writer's voice
  • Listen for sounds in words
  • Reread from the beginning of a sentence
  • Draft, revise, or edit a report

Math: Unit 5 (Consolidation of Concepts)
  • 5.21: Teen Numbers, Partners, and Equations
    • Objectives: tell and retell addition and subtraction stories; solve story problems with drawings and equations; show teen numbers as a ten and extra ones; develop spatial concepts
    • Vocabulary: add, subtract, more, fewer, equal
  • 5.22: More Horizontal Graphs and Comparisons
    • Objectives:sort and graph objects; read horizontal graphs and compare quantities; add or take away objects to make two groups equal
    • Vocabulary: horizontal graph, more, less, most, least, equal
    • 5.23: More Tens in Teen Numbers: A Game
      • Objectives: take away objects to make two groups equal; realize that the 1 in teen numbers means 1 ten.
      • Vocabulary: subtract, equal, teen number, ten, one
    • Continuing to observe signs of spring
      • creating graphic organizer regarding what we observe
    • Observing any changes in our "classroom tree"
    • Observing signs of wildlife, discussing habitats
    • Identifying things found in nature versus things that are human made (this is a medallion!)
    • Observing fish, learning how different parts of a fish function (gils, fins), discussing habitats of a fish

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