Schedule for the Week of April 17-21

SPECIALS: (April 17-21)

Monday: P.E./Media  (Day 4)
Tuesday:  Art/Music  (Day 5)
Wednesday:  Media/P.E. (Day 6)
Thursday: Music/Art (Day 1)
Friday: Media/P.E. (Day 2)

MEDIA (Library): check out every Day 6/PLEASE return books every Day 5!

Unit 8: Determine Text Importance/Compare and Contrast 
·       Letter(s): Xx
·       Phonics:
o   Identify the sound /ks/
o   Identify the sound /z/
o   Associate the letter Xx with the sound /ks/
o   Listen for the sound /ks/
o   Listen for ending sounds
o   Orally substitute medial sounds
o   Blend CVC words
o   Spell CVC words using Qq and letters previously learned
·       Sight Words: review all
·       Determine text importance before reading
·       Build fluency through choral reading
·       Build oral language and vocabulary through whole-group and partner discussion
·       Echo-read to build fluency
·       Build comprehension through retelling
·       Practice reading a rhyme with expression
·       Use the title and other text and graphic clues to anticipate the mood of a reading selection
·       Match tone of voice to intended mood
·       Use effective inflection and intonation to make reading sound like talking

Writing/Concepts of Print (week 26)
Informational Reports: Write an Informational Report
·       Use appropriate end punctuation
·       Put spaces between words
·       Use uppercase and lowercase letters correctly
·       Write some CVC words
·       Write high-frequency words
·       Demonstrate writer's voice
·       Listen for sounds in words
·       Reread from the beginning of a sentence
·       Draft, revise, or edit a report


5.14: Introduction to Counting and Grouping Routines - Objectives: count by ones from 100-120; count by fives to 50; extend repeating geometric patterns, including rotations, Vocabulary: one hundred, repeating pattern

5.15: Practice: Number and Body-in-Space Activities - Objectives: equalize groups by adding; find partners of 7,8, and 9; reinforce numbers and patterns with body movements, Vocabulary: more, less, equal, unequal, pattern

5.16: Add Partners to Find Totals - Objectives: show numbers 1-20 as tens and ones; find the unknown partner when the total and one partner are known; find the total of two partners, Vocabulary: partner, total, more, fewer

5.17: Story Problems: Totals Under 10 - Objectives: tell and retell addition and subtraction stories; solve story problems with drawings and equations; take away objects to make two groups equal, Vocabulary: add, subtract, more, fewer, equal

5.18: Subtract to Make Equal Groups - Objectives: add or take away objects to make two groups equal, Vocabulary: front, forward, back, ahead, left, right

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